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Learnership Growth September 2018 News

Updated: May 27, 2021

Learnership Growth September 2018 News

August and September have seen the impact consultants can have in creating new and meaningful employment or skills development initiatives.

  • 28 currently employed learners were signed up for a Production Technology Level 3 Learnership with Training Force.

  • Further funding applications have been approved by MICT Seta with a current number of 259 learners being selected, trained and managed by Mguka FET College.

  • Wholesale and Retail Seta have released their approval letters. It is now up to the consultants to merge or market qualifications to clients whose discretionary grant applications have been declined and motivate self-funding the training for their employees to make up training groups with Training Force.

  • Our learner retention of LabourNet interns and learners is still @ 99%. We have now, however entering a challenging phase of the learnership where we need to maintain the learning, reiterate good work ethics and behavior and coach, mentor or remediate actions that may not be tolerated.

With the changes in the BEE legislation the topic of learnerships, internships and bursaries continues.


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