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LabourNet provides flexible, integrated business solutions by focusing on Human Resources. LabourNet’s comprehensive range of HR products and services are delivered through single solutions, which complement one another and integrate within the individual functions of your business; together offering a unified solution that is aligned to HR best practice.  Our aim is through the implementation of HR best practice assist our clients to become high performing organisations ultimately resulting in them being Employers of choice.


As a prominent corporate recruiter, LabourNet assists businesses to develop and maintain an effective workforce by identifying talented individuals who will help them achieve their objectives. Our recruitment specialists offer a range of unique and flexible solutions geared for permanent positions, temporary employment services as well as skills testing and verification services.

Payroll & HRIS

LabourNet Payroll Solutions (LPS) is an outsourced online payroll bureau for mid to corporate businesses designed to improve your business through the use of technology, on a powerful and affordable payroll platform. Your partnership with LPS provides you with a comprehensive payroll solution which combines the knowledge and experience of expert consultants and powerful technologies.

Our Technology

Our Technology is a platform upon which we implement and support cost effective HR best practice.


This online HR management tool scales as your business grows and is built to centralise all your HR, talent management, recruitment and performance functions and gives you the power to run a best practice business operation, cost effectively


PSIber online payroll is a payroll software developed for Payroll Bureaus and large employers. PSiber technology gives you opportunity to build an efficient bureau and make that bureau successful by improving your service offering to your clients.


PSIberLite is a versatile online payroll service designed with small businesses and domestic employers in mind.

Talent Management

LabourNet Talent Management Solutions is made up of a unique set of products and services that help organisations to develop processes and systems which will drive a performance culture, where employees are motivated towards achieving common goals which are aligned towards the achievement of business imperatives.

Training & Development

As your Training Manager, LabourNet’s HR training and development programmes not only offer integrated solutions that encompasses all facets of people management but we are also able to position your training expenditure with individuals who implement best practice into your organisation and manage your training holistically, this not only streamlines your entire training development but benefits your ED and SED credit ratings.

Our progressive approach to learning enables companies to encourage and support an environment that fosters productivity and best practice procedures.

LabourNet develops your business managers and HR professionals by building the competencies they require to unleash your workforce’s optimal productivity. Our accredited programmes, facilitated by subject matter experts, use practical and interactive training methods to involve individuals in real life scenarios, ensuring the instant application of critical management skills.


Transformation is achieved through effective Skills Development process, Employment Equity & Broad Base Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) initiatives and is a critical tool for driving meaningful and sustainable growth in your organisation. LabourNet Transformation Solutions equip you to create a diverse and skilled workforce that ensures organisational sustainability and leads to growth opportunities for the organisation.

We achieve this through our national presence. Our specialist consultants are passionate about promoting meaningful change.

Health & Safety

LabourNet facilitates the management of  health and safety in the workplace for both employers and employees alike. Our range of professional and quality services establishes a comprehensive Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS), identifies hazards and risk assessment, to accident/incident investigation and compliance with regulations.

Our solutions deliver value-added benefits to organisations by promoting the ‘right way’ of working that enhances the quality of life and prevents avoidable losses to people, property and the environment

Industrial Relations

LabourNet proactively installs best practice and procedures in Industrial Relations, ensuring optimal staff performance, reduced workplace conflict and minimised risk in dismissing staff, all within the required legislative framework. Our firm but fair approach to trade union collective bargaining, discipline management, strike handling, incapacity investigations and restructuring, minimise disruption to your company’s operations so that you can achieve your strategic objectives.


LabourNet assists clients to face the ever increasing risk of litigation within their business by analysing disputes and identifying strategies that prevent them from escalating or resulting in unnecessary settlements which create a negative precedent. Our expert consultants provide professional legal advice, training and preparation for conciliations and arbitration, as well as access to a preferred panel of qualified attorneys.

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Our national comprehensive support structure provides service offerings on-site at the client's premises or at fourteen LabourNet offices/ branches nationally. By offering clients a full range of employment related services, LabourNet is able to build an in depth knowledge of your company's culture, goals and challenges. LabourNet clients have ongoing access to current information, advice and guidance via a national helpdesk, website and regular newsletters. Seminars are also hosted to keep clients abreast of the latest developments in relation to HR best practice.

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